Sanna & Laura “Because Laura babysits one evening a week, we have time for each other again.”


Laura comes to babysit every Tuesday night, so that Sanna and her husband can spend an evening together.

Sanna (parent):

When we moved here, we didn’t know anyone. How do you find a sitter, then? Online! Through Sitly we found Laura. We immediately connected. Laura comes every Tuesday evening now, and that’s the evening me and my partner go to do something nice.

Sanna (parent):

Sometimes we go sporting, to dinner or something else. It doesn’t really matter what we’re planning as long as we do it together. When you have young kids you don’t have much time for each other. And this is so important. Because Laura is with the boys, we really have attention for each other again because we know they’re in good hands.

Laura (babysitter):

I already had a couple of babysitting addresses, but I wanted more. A friend told me about Sitly so I subscribed. Sanna sent me a message if I was available and we had an immediate click; not just me and Sanna but I also really liked the boys and they liked me! It’s nice to have a fixed day, and sometimes they ask me for another day as well.

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