Mari & Anne “Anne always sends me photos so I know how things are going. I really like that.”


Mari had an instant connection with her childminder Anne. “From the start, she knew how to comfort me and ease my mind by sending photos of Iiris.”

Why did you choose a childminder?

Mari: I think it is important that Iiris meets other kids and learns to play together. But I thought a daycare center was too big so I searched for a childminder. I really liked Anne from the start.

How did it go in the first period?

Mari: The first few weeks, Iiris cried a lot. I felt really guilty, because I thought I just dumped my crying kid at someone else’s place, for her to deal with. But Anne handled it really well. She comforted me, sent me messages how it was going and sent me photos. And she’s actually still doing that, I really like that.

Anne (childminder):

Mari and I have a great bond, we can tell eachother everything. And Iiris is really great. I can see that she likes having other kids around to play with. And every time when Iiris enters a new phase, we can discuss it really well and talk about how we’ll handle it. Last week I received a video from Mari, showing that Iiris started to walk at home. And then, we’re both cheering for Iiris!

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